Goals of the Internship

The goal of the Internship at the Counseling Center is to prepare students in the final stages of their doctoral training to function broadly, competently, and responsibly as professional psychologists. The program is intended to provide the opportunity to establish and refine general skills fundamental to the practice of clinical and counseling psychology and applicable to a wide variety of professional settings.

The training follows a developmental model with extensive and intensive experiences to promote the progression of the Interns psychological skills, perspectives, and professional identity. Through a broad range of training activities, the program endeavors to:


1. Help Interns develop the clinical and empirical knowledge and skills required for entry into professional practice in psychology by developing competencies in:

* The provision of individual and couples psychotherapy

* The provision of group psychotherapy

* Initial consultation, disposition, referral and case management

* Crisis consultation and intervention

* Outreach programming planning and implementation

* Provision of supervision

* Developing competencies in critically evaluating and disseminating research

* Increased self-awareness, including the impact of use of self, in clinical work

* Integration of supervisory feedback into clinical work

2. Develop culturally competent entry level professional psychologists by:

* Developing and increasing empirical knowledge of individual and cultural differences and intersecting identities

* Developing and increasing awareness of one’s own cultural self

*Developing and increasing culturally competent skills in working with diverse populations

* Engaging in social-justice oriented practice and client advocacy

* Demonstrating knowledge and application of applicable legal statutes and APA Ethical Guidelines and Principles

* Forming respectful and productive relationships within the Center and across the university

* Engaging in reflective practice, self monitoring, and self care.

In summary, Interns are expected to deepen their sense of professional commitment by functioning cooperatively and creatively in a multifaceted mental health and student development system within a campus community. The objectives are both to become proficient in the delivery of psychological services and to incorporate the personal and professional qualities necessary to participate effectively as a psychological practitioner in an organizational setting.