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Support for our Community Amid Violence in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank

We at the Counseling Center wish to extend our support to all students impacted by devastating violence in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank. We acknowledge the complex and longstanding nature of this conflict and the ways in which our diverse student communities may be experiencing numerous and valid emotional responses to this ongoing and escalating crisis. At UIC, we call for human rights to be centered amid all stages of conflict, and we believe that all of our students deserve to feel safe and understood as they process this experience.

If you are feeling the impact of these events, please know that you are not alone. Whether it’s connecting with those who share your experience or seeking professional resources, we hope that you will seek comfort and healing during this difficult time.

We also encourage faculty, staff, and administration to join us in recognizing the impact that this situation may have on students’ mental health and explore ways to provide grace and support to those students who may be struggling right now. Faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about how they can support students’ mental health are encouraged to review the JED Foundation’s Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health.

Our counselors at the Counseling Center are experienced in working with students who are experiencing warfare in their home countries or are otherwise experiencing identity-related distress. We invite you to explore UIC’s Counseling Center services, cultural centers, therapy groups, and supportive drop-in spaces for obtaining support. Please consider whether any of the resources below, including this resource on coping tips for resilience during difficult times, can help you or someone in need. We will continue to serve our UIC community and bring empathy and understanding to those coping with these centuries of violence and strife.

UIC Resources
Arab American Cultural Center
Dean of Students Office
Levine Hillel Center
Muslim Chaplaincy at UIC
Muslim Student Association
Rohr Chabad House

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