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Support and Resources for Immigration-Related Stress

With the ending of Title 42, new strict anti-immigration legislation in Florida, and an influx of refugees seeking shelter right here in Chicago, our Counseling Center is mindful of the impact these events may have on our UIC community. In the divisive landscape of immigration discourse, it feels important to state that the UIC Counseling Center is proud of our diverse first-generation, second-generation, immigrant, undocumented, and international students, and we stand firmly in support of those who have sacrificed so much to build their lives, families, and educations here in Chicago and in the United States.

We understand that when immigration policies and debates enter the public forum, when racism and xenophobia color the conversation, and when we encounter the limited resources available to refugees and asylum-seekers, a number of valid reactions can come up. We are also aware that many of our students have been directly impacted by current immigration issues, for themselves or for loved ones, and troubling memories or concern for the safety of others can cause significant distress. If you are feeling the impact of these concerns, please know that you are not alone. We encourage you to join with your community to connect with what you find healing – you are worthy of being seen and heard.

Our counselors at the Counseling Center are experienced in working with students coping with immigration-related stress. We know that access to basic resources and social support can limit trauma that has been experienced related to immigration. Please consider whether any of the resources below, including this resource on coping tips for resilience during difficult times, can help you or someone in need. You can find connection at UIC, through Counseling Center servicesa cultural centera therapy groupa supportive drop-in space, or even this Facebook group for UIC international students to support each other. Our diverse student body brings excellence, resilience, and hope to our community, and we are here to support you.

UIC Resources
African American Academic Network 
African American Cultural Center
Arab American Cultural Center 
Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
Dean of Students Office
First Generation and International Student Therapy Group
General Supportive Drop-In Space
Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES)
Native American Support Program
Office of Diversity
Office of International Services
Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center
Student Legal Services
UIC Global
Wellness Center

Community Resources
Community Service Agencies Serving Immigrants
Pro-Bono Legal Service Providers
Resources for Chicago Immigrants and Refugees
Support Services for Recently Arrived Migrants

Ways to Help
City of Chicago Amazon Wishlist
How to Help Migrants Coming to Chicago
IDHS Volunteers and Donations
Most Popular Chicago Immigration Nonprofits and Charities
World Relief Chicagoland

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