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Drop-In Spaces and Workshops

At the Counseling Center, we know that the traditional model of once weekly therapy might work for some students, but it's not for everybody. Especially in a community as diverse as UIC, it's important to provide services that are just as diverse. Our drop-in spaces, workshops, and mind-body programs offer students the opportunity to process their thoughts and feelings, connect with others, learn and practice new coping skills, and improve their mental health, outside of a traditional therapy model.

Virtual Drop-In Spaces

Drop-in spaces are an ideal option for students looking to process their thoughts and feelings, get advice and feedback from peers and Counseling Center staff, and connect with others around shared experiences on an ongoing or as-needed basis. These spaces include:

  • General Drop-In Space
  • Neurodivergent Drop-In Space
  • What’s Going On?


Workshops are ideal for students looking to learn about mental health topics and discover new coping skills for specific concerns, then put this knowledge into practice on their own schedule. Popular workshop topics include:

  • Stress management
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sleeping like a pro
  • Helping students in distress
  • Coping with anxiety

Mind-Body Programs Heading link

The Mind-Body programs at the Counseling Center are focused on fostering emotional, mental, and physical well-being. These programs strive to take the whole person into account by offering services that promote students’ overall health, resilience, and quality of life. These multi-week workshops teach skills such as mindfulness, emotion-regulation, and self-compassion that can be applied across many different areas of your life, including academics, and promote optimal functioning, performance, and success.

  • THE Mindful Way

  • BIG Self-Compassion

  • THREE Managing Your Mood

Check Out Our Mind-Body Programs

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