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Photo of Goldstein, Zoë

Zoë Goldstein, M.A.

Doctoral Intern

Pronouns: She/her

Areas of Special Interest Heading link

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT), trauma-informed care, sexual well-being, existential questions, panic disorder, and obsessions/compulsions

Languages Spoken Heading link

English, basic Hebrew

What to Expect When Working with Me Heading link

My main goal with every client is to make them feel safe, accepted, and empathized with. I appreciate that this is an ongoing process, and that different people need different things to feel comfortable opening up. For this reason, I attune to each client on their own terms, and I feel honored when I am let into another person’s story.

I mainly use Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) in my work with clients. EFT is an evidence-based approach that helps people process stuck and painful emotions. I help clients tap into and explore their feelings in session, so they can discover what’s hurting, why, and which needs aren’t being met. EFT helps to transform negative emotions through accessing new and empowering emotions. I believe that we can’t move forward until we approach ourselves, and everything we feel, with compassion and curiosity.

I also help normalize what clients experience through putting it in the context of systemic oppression. I believe our society teaches people to blame themselves for what they struggle with, when this is most often because of systems of injustice and marginalization. I depathologize individuals through exploring these systems and validating what it’s like to be in them. In other words, “No wonder you feel this way when…”

Education and Training Heading link

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

B.A. in Psychology, McGill University


What I Do at the Counseling Center Heading link

As a Doctoral Intern, I:

  • See students for individual therapy, group therapy, and initial consultations
  • Facilitate outreach programs
  • Supervise a psychology extern


About Me Heading link

I grew up just outside of Toronto. I am a first-generation Canadian, and my family are Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union. I feel closely connected to my cultural/ethnic group, and believe in the healing power of being close to those who share your identity. In addition to spending time with my community, I love to read YA fantasy books, watch silly TV, and swim in the lake. I also do a lot of funky modern dance, and choreograph it too!