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Managing Anxiety and Fear about the Coronavirus

Concerns for one’s health and ongoing news reports about the coronavirus can cause anxiety and fear. UIC Counseling Center staff are aware that fear and anxiety can lead to bias, discrimination, and hatred, and we are committed to combating that. One consideration we wish to recommend is to practice mutual trust and respect with other students and members of our community. In an effort to maintain and improve your own and others' good health, dignity, and well-being, please consider making the following commitments to our community:

1. I will practice and seek good healthcare if I think I might be at risk or feeling sick so that you and I can be our healthiest.

2. I will seek, and not ignore, accurate healthcare advice and recommendations.

3. I will not hide or lie about my symptoms if I am sick.

4. I will not knowingly or intentionally put your good health at risk.

5. I will not mock, ridicule, or punish you for trying to take care of your health.

6. I will not shun, disparage, or attack you simply because I think you look like others who I think are at risk.

7. I will not simply dismiss your fears but will listen with empathy and regard.

8. I will try to give you my best support and care if you seek my help.


Additional resources to address and manage anxiety at this time include:

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