In Support of our LGBTQ Community members and Campus Allies at this time of national tragedy 

The Counseling Center wanted our UIC community to know of, and have access to, information and support at this time of national tragedy and grief. The Counseling Center is committed to social justice and to a campus culture of inclusiveness, respect, tolerance, and enthusiasm for diversity. In the wake of acts of terror or acts of hate, people may have a variety of reactions from sadness to anger to feeling numb. We recognize that members of our LGBTQ community may have experienced homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic violence, or fear of violence, in the past and this recent tragedy may stir up such fears and emotional pain. We are also aware that individuals with a similar background to a perpetrator's identity can be unfairly victimized in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

We encourage you to seek and find safe spaces and people with whom you can share your reactions. Below are some resources that may be helpful to you in grieving, responding to and to begin healing from, this recent tragedy. The Counseling Center provides students with accessible and culturally sensitive mental health services to promote overall wellness and help you to make the most of your learning experience at UIC. Please also refer to other information and services offered by the Counseling Center elsewhere on this website, and if we can be of assistance to you, please contact us.


Tips for Coping with Grief After Community Violence :

Understanding and Tolerance:

(American Psychological Association)

(UIC Gender & Sexuality Center)

(UIC Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer People, and Allies)


Some of the psychological issues in gun violence from APA reports and policies on gun violence: