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Case Management

Connecting Students to the Resources They Need

The Counseling Center provides a variety of services, but we can't do everything. Our case management team helps students discover and navigate mental health services and other resources across campus and in their community.

Establishing Care with Community Providers Heading link

Students sometimes need or want mental health services that the Counseling Center doesn’t provide such as open-ended or long-term individual therapy, specialized services, or more intensive treatment programs. Many students also want to find other services after ending treatment at the Counseling Center. In these situations, our case management team is available to help students through the entire process of establishing care with a community provider. Some of the many factors we take into account when providing referrals include:

  • Your specific concerns and treatment goals
  • Insurance and financial resources
  • Location and transportation needs (e.g., help finding a provider close to your home or campus)
  • Preferences for virtual or in-person services
  • Your preferences for providers with specific identities, cultural backgrounds, or languages spoken

After receiving a list of providers who may be a good fit, some students prefer to get connected on their own. Others prefer some more support or guidance. Our case management team is there to help you with:

  • Making initial calls and reaching out to providers
  • Transferring any requested paperwork or treatment information from the Counseling Center to your new provider, as needed
  • Preparing for your initial appointment

If you begin treatment and find that it’s not working out for any reason, you can always come back to your case manager and we’ll continue to help you until you find the services that are right for you.

Bridge Care, Benefits, & Navigating Other Services Heading link

  • Applying for Benefits

    There are many external factors that affect our mental health, such as access to housing, food, and other financial resources. Our case managers can assist you with applications for benefits like Medicaid, SNAP (formerly food stamps), and other resources. We can also help connect you with resources on campus for students who need emergency financial assistance, housing, food, or other basic needs.

  • Bridge Care

    Our case management team also provides bridge care for students in acute crisis who are referred for services outside the Counseling Center after their initial consultation. Bridge care involves meeting with a crisis intervention specialist, usually on a weekly basis, to help you stay safe and cope with immediate stressors while waiting to get connected to longer-term care.

  • Navigating Services across Campus

    The Counseling Center is just one part of UIC’s strong network of resources to support student wellbeing. Our case managers are well-versed in the services provided by other offices across campus and can provide referrals to these offices to help meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for tutoring through the African American Academic Network, food from the Wellness Center’s pop-up pantry, accommodations from the Disability Resource Center, or any other services across campus, our case managers can help you find what you’re looking for.

Meet Our Case Managers Heading link