Outreach and Consultation

At the Counseling Center, we believe that mental health resources should be widely available. We aim to create a campus culture that prioritizes students’ mental health and wellbeing. Our outreach services also allow us to connect with students who may need mental health resources besides traditional group or individual therapy.

  • Outreach Services

    The Counseling Center provides presentations, workshops, and other outreach programs for students, faculty, and staff at UIC. These programs are designed to provide information, resources, and strategies that empower students to take charge of their mental health.

    We frequently collaborate with student organizations, classes, faculty and staff groups, and other UIC units to develop individually-tailored programs.

  • Consultation Services

    Counseling Center staff consult with faculty and staff about ways to support students’ mental health needs. We are happy to answer questions, provide information about our services, offer recommendations for supporting students in distress, and discuss ways to integrate mental health care into services across our campus.

    Some departments on campus also have specific liaisons within the Counseling Center who provide consultation on an ongoing basis. Click here for a list of our current liaison relationships.

Let's Work Together: Request an Outreach Program

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Common Mental Health Programs

The Counseling Center provides presentations and workshops that focus on activities that increase individual, interpersonal, and professional development. Most programs address both knowledge and skills, and some include experiential or interactive components. During the year, we initiate a number of programs, often in collaboration with other UIC organizations. In addition, we frequently receive and respond to requests to develop programs for classes, student organizations, faculty or staff groups, and other UIC units. We always include activities individually tailored to the needs of the particular organization.