COVID-19 Service Updates

  • The Counseling Center will continue to offer its services virtually during Fall 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns for health and safety.

  • To support specific student needs, a limited number of staff will be present in the office from 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.

  • Masks and a “green” UIC daily pass are required when entering the office.

Throughout the ever-changing landscape of life during COVID-19, we at the Counseling Center remain committed to providing accessible mental health resources for our UIC Community. We continue to strive to create safe and inclusive spaces for our students, to push ourselves to grow in our multicultural awareness, and to be strong allies and advocates for the diverse populations we serve.

Virtual Services

Service Limitations

Though we hope to be able to provide services to even more students than ever before using these remote means, we regret that due to state licensure limitations, we are not able to provide ongoing counseling services for students located outside of the state of Illinois. If you are in need of counseling services but are residing out of state, we can still provide an initial consultation appointment to discuss appropriate types of treatment and to advise you on how to connect to therapy resources in your area (such as by calling your health insurance to find in-network providers).

All UIC students, regardless of their physical location, are eligible for Counseling Center workshops and our peer-led support groups. We have also expanded our online presence make more mental health resources accessible online, including topical e-newsletters, meditation videos, suicide prevention and education materials, and even a new self-care app.