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Psychiatry Services

Our psychiatry services offer Counseling Center therapy clients with the opportunity to explore medication options for their mental health concerns. Our psychiatrist plays an important role in the Counseling Center's whole-person approach to mental health care.

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Our psychiatrist provides comprehensive psychiatric consultations to help clarify a diagnosis, provide recommendations for laboratory or other evaluation of medical concerns that may play a role in your mental health concerns, and discuss medication or other treatment options as needed. Our psychiatrist may also provide education and guidance regarding optimization of self-care, such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise, as a part of your overall treatment plan. Please note, only clients who are receiving ongoing therapy at the Counseling Center may be referred for a psychiatric consultation. 

Ongoing Treatment Heading link

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After the first psychiatric consultation, our psychiatrist may recommend that a client continue psychiatric services at the Counseling Center or provide a referral to another provider who can best meet the client’s needs. Clients who are referred for ongoing psychiatry services at the Counseling Center will continue meeting with both their therapist and psychiatrist.

Ongoing psychiatry services may include prescription medication, vitamins or other nutritional supplementation, or adjustments to diet, substance use, or other lifestyle factors. Please note that our psychiatrist can prescribe medication to treat mental health concerns, but the Counseling Center does not have a pharmacy or dispense medication, so any prescriptions must be filled elsewhere.

Medication for ADHD

In order to receive medication to treat ADHD at the Counseling Center, documentation of a diagnosis through neuropsychological testing within the past 5 years is required. Unfortunately, we cannot accept summary letters from previous providers, previous prescriptions, pill containers, or other documentation as a substitute for neuropsychological testing. Please note that the Counseling Center does not currently provide this testing. If you have not received neuropsychological testing within the past 5 years, our staff would be happy to help connect you to resources on and off campus that provide this service.

Although psychiatric medication can be an effective treatment for ADHD symptoms, it is not the only option. Our staff can help you explore the full range of mental health services available for students with ADHD.

Eligibility and Limitations of Psychiatry Services Heading link

The Counseling Center offers limited, short-term (no more than 16 weeks), psychiatric services. Typically, only students who are actively engaged in therapy at the Counseling Center may be referred for a consultation with our psychiatrist. When a client’s therapy or psychiatry services at the Counseling Center end, our staff can work with you to transfer your care to another provider, as needed.

Psychiatry services are by appointment only, and no psychiatry appointments are offered after-hours or on weekends. If a client already has a psychiatrist, but is interested in meeting with a psychiatrist at the Counseling Center, their therapist will review this request with the Counseling Center psychiatrist before scheduling an appointment. Depending on your specific needs, our staff may also help you find a psychiatrist or other provider off campus.