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Mental health services used to focus solely on treating what are called “presenting concerns” after they’ve started. More recently, mental health professionals have recognized the importance of intervening early to prevent mental health concerns from developing or getting worse.

At the Counseling Center, we do this by sharing knowledge and resources as widely and equitably as possible, consulting and advocating to create a campus culture that prioritizes students’ wellbeing, and offering accessible outreach services throughout UIC’s large and diverse campus.

In this way, we shift our focus from “presenting concerns” to “preventing concerns.”

UIC Counseling Center  |  Outreach and Consultation Philosophy

Introducing Nod: An App to Build Social Connections Heading link

Nod is an intervention rooted in the latest evidence-based practices including positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness self-compassion. It helps college students build social connections by offering interactive prompts, ideas, and other activities based on your individualized goals. Nod is confidential and free to the entire UIC community.

Learn More and Download Nod

EMPOWERING students with diverse services and programs Heading link

EDUCATING with a network of mental health information and resources Heading link

ENGAGING the campus community for a healthier UIC Heading link