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Nod: An App to Build Social Connections

Designed for College Students. Backed by Science.

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As the world continues to cope with the challenges of COVID-19, we know that forming and maintaining social connections is more challenging than ever, and in spite of this fact, remains a core component of the student experience.

Nod is a research-backed app for students that taps into positive psychology and the science of social connections to help you build the friendships you want and need. Nod is an intervention rooted in the latest evidence-based practices including positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness self-compassion.

Download Nod on your cell phone and create a free, confidential account with your UIC credentials.

What is Nod?

Nod is like a workout app for your social life. It helps students:

  • Set goals and build skills to increase social well-being
  • Find science-backed ideas for branching out and staying connected
  • See tips for virtual and in-real-life connection
  • Normalize the challenges of maintaining a healthy social life in┬ácollege

How does it work? Heading link

  • Ideas Prompts based on the science of social connection that help you take action

  • Reflections Short in-app exercises to process social experiences, track your mood, reduce self-criticism, and build resilience

  • Testimonials Real student perspectives on the challenges and rewards of social connection

Get Nod: Download on the App Store or Google Play