In response to recent acts of violence 

Given the tragic news of ongoing violent, race-based traumas and deaths, the Counseling Center wants the UIC community to know that we remain available as a source of support. You do not need to identify as a survivor or know a victim to experience the emotional and physical effects of violent action and oppression. The impact of violence and oppression can be immediate for some, and for others may not appear until sometime later. Discussing and recognizing the impact that injustices, fears, threats, and deaths have on our lives and on those to whom we feel close or identify, can take a toll on one’s mental health and well-being. Meeting with a mental health professional can be a useful step in managing the pain, addressing important needs for self-care, and coping with violent trauma and oppression. The Counseling Center and its InTouch Hotline strive to provide services that embrace our UIC students’ diverse experiences and identities. Some additional resources you may find helpful at this time: