For Family, Faculty, Staff, and Concerned Others

UIC Parents

We are grateful for your concern about a particular student (or students) and want to assist you in helping them.  This can take several forms and is bound by certain relevant policies.

If you would like to speak with a professional counselor about a student of concern, please tell the Counseling Center receptionist who will then arrange for you to speak to a counselor, either immediately or as soon as one becomes available (312-996-3490).

We can provide consultation

We can speak with you about how best to talk to the student of concern, inform you about mental health issues in general, and provide information about how the student can seek help.

We can receive information about a student

A counselor can accept information from you about a student of concern, whether they are currently receiving services from the Counseling Center or are simply attending UIC. Typically, documentation of your concern will be made, which could be helpful to a client’s treatment, or in the event the student is not a client, can alert us to the concerns you have noted, should that student present for treatment in the future.

Often we cannot share information

Please note that we cannot share information with you about a client if the client is 17 years or older (this is IL law), unless the client has signed a release form explicitly stating they want the information shared with you. If a client is assessed to be of imminent risk of harm to themselves of others, counselors will consider if and with whom information needs to be shared to keep all parties safe.

The student must schedule the appointment themselves

As adults, students must make their own decision to seek mental health care and schedule their own appointments. As a concerned other, you can encourage the student to seek help and share information with them about how to get help.  All currently enrolled UIC students who have paid the Health Services Fee can typically receive an initial consultation (the first appointment), which is a face-to-face assessment of their concerns culminating in recommendations for a plan of treatment.

The Counseling Center is a brief treatment facility

Please be aware that some student needs and concerns are beyond our resources, often because they require longer term and/or more intensive treatment. In those instances, we are committed to helping connect the student with appropriate resources in the community.  Please click here for further explanation of our services.