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Eligibility & Service Limitations

The Counseling Center provides a wide range of mental health services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of UIC students. Within our stepped care model, we are successfully able to provide effective services for most students with a variety of concerns and goals.

However, just like any other healthcare facility, our services are not comprehensive and there will always be some limits to what we can provide. In these cases, our staff can help students get connected to resources that will best meet their needs.

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Counseling Center services are available to eligible UIC students. Faculty and staff are not eligible for counseling services but can learn more about mental health services through UIC’s Employee Assistance Program here.

Because the Counseling Center is funded by the Health Service Fee required of all students, only individuals who are enrolled in the current semester or in “continuing student status” are eligible to receive services at the Counseling Center. Continuing student status includes:

  • Students who are taking one semester off (e.g., summer term off, but not summer AND fall terms off) and planning to return the following semester,
  • Students who are continuing services during the period between semesters (e.g., during winter break), and
  • Students who enrolled and then withdrew late enough that their health service fees were not reimbursed, but have the intention of enrolling the following semester.

An exception may be made for:

  • Limited circumstances when client loses eligibility or graduates before the course of counseling has been effectively completed, particularly if the client is in crisis or otherwise at risk.

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Mental health is complex, and so are the types of services available to improve it. Because our services are primarily short-term and goal-directed, they may not be the optimal resource for students who need certain types of care. Our staff is trained to refer students to the services and resources that are most likely to meet their needs, whether that’s here at the Counseling Center, another office on campus, or off-campus mental health services.

The information on this page is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a clinical recommendation or referral. If you have questions about our scope of services, please contact the Counseling Center at (312) 996-3490.