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At times an individual or group experiences acute distress or has an important issue that requires prompt attention. Staff from the Counseling Center are available to consult with faculty, staff, or students about the mental health needs of students or employees. In addition, senior staff from the Center serve as resources for organizations or units within UIC who wish to improve organizational communication or seek assistance in administrative problem-solving.

To request a consultation, call the Counseling Center at (312) 996-3490 and ask to speak to either the Clinical Director, Dr. Karen Maddi, or any staff counselor who is available.

Programs and Workshops

If you are interested in a having the Counseling Center provide a workshop or program please direct your request to Michelle Montero, PsyD., Assistant Director for Outreach, by completing the Outreach/Presentation Request form and submit it via email (mmontero@uic.edu) or fax (312) 996-7645. After making your request, our Outreach coordinator will review it and be in contact with the requestor, typically within 3-5 days of your initial request.

While we will make every effort to meet requests, certain peak times of the year do not allow us the time or resources to do outreach programs. Ultimately, it is best if you give us at least two weeks notice for a presentation and that you can assure that at least 10 participants will attend. If we are unable to meet your need, we will suggest other resources to you or discuss another time of the year when we might be more available to meet your needs.


We have designated specific UIC Counseling Center staff members to be liaisons to many colleges, units and support services offices across campus. The liaison is a valuable resource for that particular area and you can direct your questions to that individual. The liaison can offer consultation to your specific unit and/or provide you with specific workshops or programs for your particular unit. If you have more questions or concerns about our liaison relationship program, please contact the Assistant Director for Outreach - Dr. Danielle Simmons.

Liaison/Consultation Roles

Colleges Faculty/Staff
Applied Health Sciences Chuck La Chance
Architecture and the ArtsKaren Maddi
Business Administration Kurt Stevens
Honors Kurt Stevens
DentistryKaren Maddi
Education Jenna Bauer
Engineering Michelle Montero
Graduate Jenna Bauer
Liberal Arts & Sciences Michelle Montero
Medicine Chandan Bhagia & Raasheen Thrower
Nursing Jenna Bauer & Raasheen Thrower
Pharmacy Stephanie Benedict
Public Health Chandan Bhagia
Social Work Rob Ballantyne & Luis Salas
Urban Planning & Public Affairs Stephanie Benedict
Programs Faculty/Staff
Academic Center for Excellence Joe Hermes
AAAN/African Am. Cultural Cntr. Danielle Simmons
AARCC/Asian American Cultural Yoko Mori & Chandan Bhagia
Athletics Kurt Stevens & Michelle Montero
Campus Housing Jenna Bauer (West Campus)
Yoko Mori (East Campus)
Stephanie Benedict (South Campus)
Campus Ministries Joe Hermes
Campus PoliceJoe Hermes & Karen Maddi
Campus Programs Chandan Bhagia
Career Services Jeanette Simon
Commuter Center Danielle Simmons
Disability Resource Center Chuck La Chance
Family Medicine/Student Health Joe Hermes, Karen Maddi & Marisa Serrato
Financial Aid Rob Ballantyne
Gender & Sexuality Center Stephanie Benedict & Chuck La Chance
International Services Yoko Mori
Language and Culture Learning Cntr. Jeanette Simon
LARES/Latin Am. Cultural Cntr. Chandan Bhagia & Luis Salas
Legal CounselJoe Hermes & Karen Maddi
Library Rob Ballantyne
Native American SupportStephanie Benedict
NPI/CampusCare Joe Hermes, Karen Maddi, & Marisa Serrato
Office of Applied Psychological Services (OAPS) Luis Salas & Karen Maddi
Office of Diversity Joe Hermes
CHANCE Program Danielle Simmons
Office for Student Veterans (DOS)Stephanie Benedict
Student Development & Student Orientation Committee Danielle Simmons
Study Abroad Office Rob Ballantyne
Psychology Department Rob Ballantyne
TRIO Danielle Simmons
Undergraduate Success Center Michelle Montero
University Hospital/ER (DOS) Joe Hermes & Marisa Serrato
The Wellness CenterJeanette Simon
Womens Affairs/Advocacy Ntwk Jeanette Simon
The Writing Center Jeanette Simon
Chancellor's Committees (CC) Faculty/Staff
CC on the Status of Asian Americans Yoko Mori
CC on the Status of Blacks Danielle Simmons
CC on the Status of Latinos Luis Salas
CC on the Status of LGBTQI People and Allies Kurt Stevens
CC on the Status of Persons w. Disabilities Chuck La Chance
CC on the Status of Women Michelle Montero

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